Accounting that’s a breath of fresh air and Impact Driven

You’re already doing amazing things,
but you want to do them better.

Running a business is both exciting and rewarding. It’s also really hard work as you attempt to juggle the numerous business tasks that you have, with the desire to enjoy a good work/life balance.

You want an accountant that understands how important your business is to both you and your loved ones, and who truly wants to support and help you make things better and achieve your goals.  That all starts with support and help that is:

Afresh real-time numbers


You’re living in the now and want to plan for the future. Using cloud accounting tools like Quickbooks, Xero and ReceiptBank means your real-time numbers are in front of you whenever you need them.

Afresh Accountants - A helping hand

A helping hand

Where the magic starts is when we can talk about those real-time numbers and help you understand what they mean for you today and how they can impact your business going forward.

Afresh - Motivating accountants


You want someone who’s going to be there for you on a regular basis to help drive, inspire and propel you forward. We’re here to help and teach you why and how to make things better.

"With the advancement of technology and the correct instruction and guidance, the financial information it has given us is an invaluable asset to enable us to direct and grow our business."

- M. Higgins, Ty’n Y Cornel Hotel, Wales.

Be better by looking ahead and looking further

An accountant who only talks to you once a year is no use to you. You want to know where your business is now and you want to look forward as to where it will be in the future and how that future can be the best that it can be. 

It’s a process that isn’t just about your business but the impact that business can have on the life of you, your loved ones, your team and their loved ones and an even wider community:

Afresh Accountants - The Be Better process

Meet Mark

In truth I had always wanted to be a teacher, but the numbers won out and I’ve now been in the accounting profession for 30+ years. 

By combining my many years of experience and my clients' real-time financial numbers I know that I can make such a positive impact on both the business and life of my clients.  With amazing software I can teach my clients how to really understand the numbers that matter in their business and reduce the worry and stress that can sometimes result from dealing with business finances.

For me running a business should be about the freedom it brings you to do the things that you want. I want to know what my clients’ “why” is so that we can work together to achieve their goals.  The journey does not just end with a better business but should result in a better life. Making money and paying tax is just a by-product of that.

I’m ready to help you look at the good stuff. The past is the past and I will help you deal with your compliance duties relating to that but let’s quickly work on the really important stuff and get to work together on what’s exciting for you.

Support to bring your head above water and breathe

As a business owner it’s way too easy to get that sinking feeling as a mass of financial numbers seem to engulf you and your business.
Let’s change that. You want someone who’ll help you go through your accounting numbers and remove any fear factor.  You need an accountant who understands that after a busy day or week working on your business you do not want to be spending your valuable family and fun time staring at a wall of accounting numbers fearful and not knowing what they mean.  

You can count on our support when you’re working in the:

Afresh Accountants - Accountants for the Services sector

Service sector

Afresh Accountants - Accountants for the Tourism sector

Tourism sector

Afresh Accountants - Accountants for the start-up space

Start-up space

"Working with Mark Tickel has been a revelation for me, and has helped me know where I am in my business finances."

- Ian, The Point, Brighton

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