Although there are several different types of business set up structures, the two main types that the majority of people will consider are: Limited CompanySelf-employed as a sole trader (or partnership if more than one person) Choosing which of the above structures to apply ...
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I know we should avoid using clichés but cash really is king and from the number of clients that I have met over the last 30 plus years I would even add that it is king, queen, prince and princess with far too many business owners suffering sleepless nights and anxious...
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Let’s be honest with each other… Accounting isn’t rocket science. With the advent of technology like Xero and Quickbooks, the ability to fetch your business’ numbers has become so much more streamlined, and once you have the right systems in place, you have ever...
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It’s been a long journey, but we’re excited to share with you the launch of our new brand. With our new brand now launched, we we wanted to tell you more how it came to be, but also about our founder, Mark Tickel, and how he came to be the face of Afresh Accountants. Th...
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