Don't hold your breath simply hoping the problems will go away

We want to help you improve your life and the life you provide for your family, your employees, their families and the community that you are apart of. That all starts with knowing and then improving the numbers in your business.

In order to achieve everything we're working towards, it starts with delivering more than just your once-a-year accounts.  Instead, we guide you, explain things, support your decisions, care for you and your business and overall, help you improve. 

See the journey you'll take as you work with us:

Afresh Accountants - Be Better process

"With Mark's help, we were able to transfer historical data and go fully digital within a very short space of time."

- Blue, The Basketmakers, Brighton’s Best Pub

Why we use this process

In reality, accounting isn't rocket science, especially with technology and bots being able to fetch the numbers for you once you have systems in place.

But what does that actually mean to you and who cares? Well, good news, we do, and we use the process to show you the full scale of running a business and how enriching it can be. Not only that, but also:

It helps you drill down

Having the data is great, but you need the tools to analyse. What do the numbers mean and what could they mean for the future of your business?

It helps you look further

Once you've analysed the numbers, it's also about using that data to make decisions that can impact your business' future in positive ways.

It's motivating

Positivity is important. You want the reassurance that everything you're doing is making a difference, and you want people around you who are encouraging you towards your goals.

It's exciting

Being able to achieve your goals is exciting, but you don't want to celebrate them alone. We'll support you along the way and stand by you to celebrate the successes.

The tools needed to deliver results

Remove the financial worries

We want to help you go from being an overworked business to one that achieves your full financial potential. 

The tools we use allow us to work closely with you to analyse the numbers and remove the stress of running the business and worrying about cashflow.

Our Certifications

Let's chat about you and your business

If you want to make a difference and have the right information
readily available, let's discuss what support you need.


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