Life is for living; you want to enjoy life to the full.

You want to reconnect with your business and the “why” that led you to start the business in the first place and you want to work with an accountant that understands your reason for that and will love to help you achieve it.

Yes you want and need an accountant who can ensure you comply with your statutory and taxation requirements but you also want someone who understands how much your business and its impact on you and others means.  

When you work with someone who understands that then together you will both go the extra mile to ensure that your business gives you and others the best life it can.

You want an accountant who can teach and be helpful, because like us, you value:


You want to understand the financial numbers that matter to you


You want a "financial sat-nav", to use the latest tech to show you where you are now and where you can be in the future.  


You want reassurance so that you can see the positives and not have endless worries and sleepless nights thinking about worrying cash flow.


You want to regain a proper work/life balance to spend more time with those that matter doing the things that you enjoy.


You want to look ahead with proper, clear information that will assist you in making decisions that impact on you and others dependent on you and your business.

Mark Tickel - Afresh Accountants

Meet Mark

Mark Tickel FCA – the wrong side of 50(!) and a very proud dad who wanted to be a teacher. 30+ years in the accounting profession he’s a now a proud teaching/helping accountant.

Mark is the founder of Afresh Accountants, having previously been a Partner/Director in a large Brighton based accounting firm.  Mark loves combining his 30+ years of experience as a Chartered Accountant with the advent of amazing software that he knows will have such a positive impact on his clients and their businesses.

With the technology at the helm, Mark saw the demand for helping, teaching and guiding business owners, and providing down-to-earth assistance. 

In his eyes, it’s not just about building a better business, but a better life for you and those that matter to you. That positive impact approach is at the core of everything at Afresh.

"Mark has helped us to improve our financial management, enabling us to focus far more clearly on the key indicators of our finances."

- Ropetackle Arts Centre, Shoreham

How we support you

You’re living in the now, not living in history. We recognise that you don't just want the numbers several months after your financial year end - neither do we!  

What is of help is to have been by your side and working with you on a far more regular basis so that we can help you see the financial numbers as they occur and take steps to improve those numbers where we predict they need improving.

To help you unlock your full financial potential, our support is structured in two stages:

Step 1

Real-time numbers

You want the strain of the numbers taken away. It’s about having the right financial information at your fingertips so that you can make better decisions using the better data that we help you create.

Using tools such as Quickbooks, we set up your business' data on one single platform that everyone has access to. No more desktops, no more servers. Everything is in the cloud, readily available when you need it.

Step 2

Insight and advice

You also want to understand the numbers so that you can regularly assess how your business is working towards your financial and life goals.  

Together we'll use tools like FUTRLI to have regular and proactive conversations so you have the information needed to look and plan ahead and make better, more informed decisions.

Bring your head above water with the right support

If you’re ready to make a difference, let’s have a conversation about your goals. 


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